During the period between January 7 to January 13, 2019 members of the GRPD handled 301 calls for service, the highlights of which included:

Jan. 7 - 8:33 AM –  A Glen Rock woman reported that two attempts were made to fraudulently open credit accounts in her husband’s name.  One was with Target and the other was for a Mastercard account. Both applications were denied by the bank. The detective bureau is reviewing the matter.    

Jan. 7 - 6:36 PM – The Morris County Sheriff’s Department detained a 34-year-old Lafayette man on a criminal warrant issued by the Glen Rock Municipal Court. Unable to post $1,500 bail the man was taken into custody by Lt. Chris Mc Inerney and P.O. Jim Donnelly who transported him to the Bergen County Jail.   

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Jan. 9 - 4:18 PM –  A Glen Rock woman reported discovering $2,265.67 in fraudulent charges on her Lord and Taylor credit account.  The credit card statement showed that the charges were incurred at multiple locations. The complainant related that she had not used this credit card for an extended period and that none of the charges on the statement were legitimate.  The detective bureau is reviewing the matter. 

Jan. 10 - 8:34 AM –  A Glen Rock man reported that his credit monitoring service identified a fraudulent Chase credit card account opening in his name during the month of December. Ten days later he received a second notification that a fraudulent America Eagle credit account had been opened in his name. The Chase credit account has been closed and the American Eagle account is under investigation by the bank.  The detective bureau is reviewing the matter. 

Jan. 10 - 2:15 PM –  A representative of PSE&G reported theft and criminal mischief at the Highland Road entrance to their right-of-way. The company had previously installed a gate at that location due to trespassing issues. The gate was initially secured with a chain and padlock which was later found to be missing. The gate was then secured with an internal lock and no trespassing signs were installed. Subsequently the no trespassing signs were found to be missing. 

PSE&G is continuing to investigate these acts and wanted to document the matter should they seek to sign criminal complaints at a later date. As of this time no suspects were identified. 

Jan. 11 - 2:55 PM –  A Glen Rock man reported that two fraudulent accounts had been opened in his name, one with Verizon Wireless and the other with T-Mobile Wireless.  A total of $ 1,428.45 had been charged to these accounts.  The detective bureau is reviewing the matter. 

Jan. 11 - 8:29 PM – Patrols were dispatched to a disturbance at the Exxon Station located on Maple Avenue near the Ridgewood border.  Investigation found that a 25-year-old Wayne woman had purchased $15 worth of gas and attempted to pay with a credit card which was declined. The attendant was willing to allow her to leave to obtain money, however, requested that she provide her driver’s license as he would be financially responsible to his employer if she did not return.

The woman refused and began to argue with the attendant. She then tried to drive off with the gas nozzle still attached to her vehicle causing damage to the gas pump.  The matter was temporarily resolved when the woman’s passenger agreed to pay for the gas.  The owner of the gas station responded to assess the damages and speak with the woman.  The owner agreed that the woman would be given an opportunity to make restitution for the damages within a week in lieu of prosecution for criminal mischief.

Jan. 13 - 4:23 PM – P.O. Sarah Orsita investigated a hit and run motor vehicle accident in the parking lot of the Glen Rock High School.  Sometime between 3PM and the time of the report an unknown vehicle struck the driver side rear quarter panel of a 2017 Black Chevy Colorado which had been parked in the angle spaces adjacent to Hamilton Avenue.  Anyone who may have witnessed the accident and can provide information about the hit and run vehicle is asked to contact the Glen Rock Police Department’s dispatch center at (201) 652-3800.