GLEN ROCK, NJ - Operating in both Glen Rock and Teaneck is the International Chess Academy (ICA), a Chess school founded in 1996 and created with the aim of providing professional chess instruction at all levels (beginners, advanced, master levels, and GM or Grandmaster level) to a variety of students.

The academy was founded by two women, Irina Levitina and Diana Tulman. Irina, a Woman Grandmaster (WGM) has been the Soviet Women’s Champion as well as the U.S. Women’s Champion several times, and was the world’s second best women’s player as a Women’s World Championship Candidate in 1984. Diana is Champion of Moldova, her native country, and a highly skilled chess coach. She serves as Director at ICA.

The ICA’s program attracts world-renowned coaches like GM Artur Jussupow (from Germany), GM Alexander Chernin (from Hungary), GM Victor Bologan (from Moldova), and WGM Tatiana Grabuzova (from Russia), to name a few.

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ICA works directly with local schools to provide after-school study programs and provides a program for the home-school community. They give private chess lessons to all ages and work with qualifying Master students. They also offer a program called Math Olympiad, an advanced math program for ages 8 to 13.

ICA participates in and sponsors (under the supervision of USCF licensed professional tournament directors) local, national, and international competitions for all levels of proficiency, offering opportunities to win cash awards or trophies and to qualify for rank advancement.

Throughout the year ICA runs numerous multi-discipline day and overnight camps for kids, including a Grandmaster camp attracting talented young players with USCF/FIDE ratings of 1600 or higher  from all over the world (France, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Poland, Russia, etc.)

Chess has been used as a brain-developing game for all ages. Playing it at an early age has been shown to help greatly with ADHD. The programs at ICA are designed to develop critical thinking skills and improve creativity, important skills for STEM preparation.

Currently ICA is recruiting campers for their Scholastic Summer Day Camp Program. This camp is open to all kids ages 6–16 and provides the perfect combination for a summer program, chess, art, math and sports. By exploring all of these disciplines within one camp program, kids have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills that can help to improve tactical thinking, memory, logic, and focus, and to promote imagination, creativity, and sportsmanship.

For more information about the International Chess Academy or their programs, visit, email:, or call 201-833-1741 or 201-797-0330.