The number of incidents of animal bites to people and their pets has increased and it has become more apparent that some of these cases could have been avoided! Pet owners must be more aware of their pet’s attitudes and behaviors which could be dangerous to the public. The behaviors that seem cute during the animals growing years such as growling, nipping and dominant behavior become extremely dangerous as the animal grows.

Pet owners must be aware and be responsible for their pet’s behavior. It would be best not to put your pet in situations that would cause a rise in their stress level and ultimately result in dangerous behavior such as biting. It does not matter if your pet bites in fear or aggression, it is still unacceptable behavior.

People should use caution when approaching or being approached by an animal. Even if you know the pet it is not a guarantee that it is safe to approach or handle the animal. Many people are bitten by animals they know. 

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If you are bitten or threatened by a neighbor’s pet, you should contact the police or the Animal Control Officer. These individuals are trained to handle these situations. Many times, while investigating bite cases Animal Control finds that there are previous incidents that went unreported because people did not want to be “bad neighbors”. It would be a much better situation if the pet owner is assisted or educated in control of their animals before a serious bite occurs.

Animal bites are a public health issue investigated by Animal Control and the Health Department. This is essential for several reasons, including the prevention of rabies. The investigation will confirm whether or not the animal has been properly immunized. The animal must be quarantined and if proven rabid, the bite victim will need to undergo treatment to prevent the spread of the disease.

Any dog owner that is considering installing “invisible” fence units on their property should make sure that the “fence” line is set back an appropriate distance from public right of ways. Fence lines that are installed too close to the right of way will cause a dangerous situation for motor vehicles, pedestrians and for your pet. If you own an aggressive pet, or a pet with high prey drive, electric fences are NOT recommended.