Maybe when you were young, you felt as though you could accomplish anything. But what happens as we mature? What happens when those voices get in your head, the voices that develop over time? Joan talks about how she has handled that, especially in the revitalized second half of her life.

Joan: If you believed you could achieve anything, what would you do? Would you be living the same life?

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with former pro-wrestling champion, Diamond Dallas Page, who didn’t get to the top of his game until he was at an age when most are getting ready to retire.

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Despite physical injuries early in his career that forced him to take time off from wrestling, Dallas later returned to the profession and against all odds, became a champion! There were a million reasons why he should have given up, but he didn’t accept any of them.

Dallas believes there is no place for excuses when you want to achieve a goal, and when you truly believe you can accomplish it, there is no stopping success!

According to Dallas, there is only one person that has to believe in you – not your husband, not your best friend, not your colleague - just you!

Q. So when did this happen for you?

Joan: Like Dallas, I was middle-aged when I set out to achieve my professional goals. When I began, there were many naysayers who doubted what I wanted to accomplish. A few even laughed at me. But I didn’t let their voices get into my head and I didn’t let their beliefs become mine. I held steadfast in the knowledge that I could get the job done. So, when times got tough and things became challenging, I derived strength from the conviction that I could do it.

Q. What did you do when those negative thoughts went through your head or people put you's often unavoidable.

Joan: Having a strong belief in my abilities has also helped me to ward off the fear of failing.  I no longer view failure as the end of the road, a stopping point. I have redefined it as a teaching tool, the opportunity to readjust my approach and grow. As Dallas wisely stated, the only failing part comes by not doing it at all.

So, are you going to be positively unstoppable and own your “it”, whatever your “it” may be?

Remember, what you believe you are capable of determines your greatness or your mediocrity. You decide.

Listen to my interview with DDP: