It seems like only yesterday we were making resolutions about all of the wonderful things we wanted to experience in the new year. And now, here we are reflecting back on how the year was lived.

Sometimes looking back over a year can be difficult, especially if you have suffered a loss or things have not gone as well as you planned. But, reflection can help when planning for the new year, as always, Joan is her to offer her wisdom.

Q. What do you mean when you talk about reflection?

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Joan: Reflection is the practice of introspection. It enables us to navigate our journey by making choices. It is an investment in our life.

Q. Why is it important? Can't we just move on?

Joan: Looking back on the past year is important because it provides us with an honest assessment of where we have been, which helps us gain perspective on the direction we want to go.

So before you rush into the new year with great intentions, take time to pause and reflect on what has happened this year. It will unveil important information that will set you up for 2019!

Q. What questions do we ask ourselves as part of our personal reflection?

Joan: Here are a few of the questions I ask myself at year end. Use them as a guide to help you move forward.

1. What did I accomplish? Remember the little things, too.

2. What were my disappointments?

3. What do I wish I had done differently?

4. What were my biggest challenges or obstacles and how did I overcome them?

5. What was a game changer for me?

6. Where did I focus most of my time?

7. What did I try that was new?

8. What did I want to do but never got around to doing?

9. What am I proud of?

10. What do I want to eliminate from my life?

After reviewing the past year, think about what would represent your intentions for the upcoming year and create a mantra that you can hold on to: 2019 will be the year of (fill in the blank)!