GLEN ROCK, NJ - So working and learning at home are no longer a luxury, but are mandatory for many, at least in the short term. Are you ready? Do you need help bringing the home equipment up-to-date? One Glen Rock company is ready to help.

Felicia Halpert and Costa Rodis are owners of a local technology company, Bergen IT. This local tech company offers a range of services to help individuals work better and more efficiently. Local families have reached out to this team to get them up and running when most of the world has shut down in-person business.

Felicia said they recently assisted a local mom who has her own business and was already working from home, but realized she needs to be set up more securely and efficiently.

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"We are providing equipment recommendations and will do installations based on their needs," Felicia said.

The husband also has a set-up at home but primarily works in NYC, so far, with no change to his status. They have three kids – one in college who has returned and two in high school. All their schools have shut down, and they are now expected to attend class and do work virtually.

Maybe a recognizable scenario with four people who need to get 100% of their work done in the house. The fifth person may only be working there occasionally.

Bergen IT is looking into the following:

  • a new printer that can do color printing and scanning;
  • bigger monitors to go with student laptops;
  • the ability to toggle between two business computers in order to view on one big screen and one laptop screen.
  • secure automated cloud backup

Enterprise-level security monitoring and protection (including antivirus and anti-malware) for the business computer and email.

"Like many solopreneurs and micro-businesses, this individual has sensitive data (which can include phone number, email addresses, credit card information, social security numbers, all which need to be protected," Felicia said.

"We also did a wifi audit to test whether they will have strong enough wifi once multiple devices are being used all at once in the house. The wifi is currently acceptable, but may need to be upgraded once everyone starts working simultaneously – when other neighbors are doing the same thing," she said.

Individual needs are Costa and Felicia's specialty, but they offered a few tips for home workers to keep in mind:

  • If your streaming service or internet connections are slow, it might be because you’re getting too much wifi interference. A mesh wifi system is often the right solution.
  • If you are doing business from home, then you need to consider the security of your workplace. Make sure that at minimum:
    • the router has strong password protection.
    • the computer has professional-grade antivirus and anti-malware (yes, even Macs).
    • the computer and email are being continuously monitored and checked for issues.
    • backup of computers and data should be automated and continuous.
    • Whatever age or stage you’re in, DON’T share your passwords.