When I first got sent home from school because of Coronavirus, I was bored and wanted to get involved in local politics. Dr. Arati Kreibich’s campaign website drew me in, and I decided to dive in headfirst. I was met with dozens upon dozens of energized, accepting, progressives of all ages who aren't afraid to rock the boat of NJ-5 politics. As a young person who really cares about politics, I was never allowed to actually participate in something real and meaningful, and Arati created a space for students like me to be a blade in the propellors of our movement.

Arati’s support of Medicare for All deeply resonates with me. My mother lost the job she’d held for two decades several years ago but recently was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. While she is doing incredibly well, the cost of her medication goes well into the six-figure range. I am incredibly fortunate that I live in a household where both my parents' employers offer good insurance, but most Americans don't get these corporate privileges. As unemployment skyrockets, it has become even more clear that healthcare should not be tied to employment. There is no good reason why America shouldn't join the rest of the developed, free world in instituting universal healthcare.

I'm thrilled to be a part of the change, and I'm looking forward to seeing Arati on The Hill and for me to say that I was one of the people who helped get her elected.