As a longtime Bergen County resident and Democrat, I couldn’t have been happier when we were finally able to remove Scott Garrett and replace him with a Democrat. It was one of the very few bright spots on election night 2016, and I eagerly looked forward to being represented by a Democrat.

I’m a realist and understood that a Democrat elected in this district in 2016, would not vote the way that I would on everything that came before him, but I expected someone who at core would be a real Democrat and would support democratic values. I have been saddened and deeply disappointed to find myself represented by a congressman who votes with Donald Trump 77% of the time, including supporting the wall and the caging of young children at the border, and who threatened to vote against the choice of the Democratic majority for Speaker of the House. No matter what, I’m voting for Democrat for Congress on election day, but I’m hopeful that it will be, a real Democrat-Dr. Arati Kreibich.

As a Glen Rock resident, I know that Arati has done a great job as a councilperson and I am confident that, if elected, she would bring those skills as well as her scientific knowledge and background to service in Congress as a real Democrat.