While traveling across several states with my family on our “Summer 2019” excursion, I had the opportunity to reflect on Glen Rock and the summertime memories linked to this special place – our home.  For several summers, we participated, along with our neighbors, in the creation of some absolutely amazing floats for Glen Rock’s Fourth of July parade.  

The idea of our neighborhood coming together to prepare our own entry surfaced during a barbecue.  The creative juices started flowing, and there was no stopping us. This was not a high budget adventure; this was cardboard boxes, leftover paint, garage scraps of every kind, and sketches done on bits of paper to illustrate what someone was trying to explain. And it wasn’t parents doing it for the kids, but, jobs for everyone – young and not so young. There was the vision crew, the construction crew, the painters, the costume designers, and the snack and meal preparers. The intensity grew as the parade date came closer and closer. But, we never lost our sense of purpose or our sense of humor.  

The neighborhood efforts produced works of art that included a Battleship float for the ‘Salute to the Armed Forces’ theme, a House float for the ‘Glen Rock – A Great Town to Come Home to’ theme, and a huge Earth/Globe for the ‘Recycle Glen Rock’ theme. We were always saddened to disassemble these masterpieces, but we consoled ourselves with celebratory feasts and time to reminisce about the process. The memories are etched into each of our minds – I am forever grateful that I was able to be a part of this hometown tradition.