I’ve known Teresa Gilbreath for 22 years now, as I have the immense privilege of being her daughter. She’s a stellar mother and a great roommate--she (almost) always does her dishes! Many people have commented to me over the past few months about how hard my mother is working, and I can tell you they don’t know the half of it. My mother doesn’t quit. She always puts others before herself, and she approaches everything she does with a desire to do the right thing. I can say without a doubt that she will be an ideal councilmember. Teresa Gilbreath is a candidate that I’m thrilled to support. 

Through this campaign, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kristine Morieko and Rob Dill. Kristine impresses me with her knowledge and understanding of Borough affairs. Whenever a particular Borough issue comes up in conversation, Kristine clearly expresses all sides of the issue, and can beautifully articulate why she feels the way she does. Kristine is a mom doing it all, and has become a role model to me. 

Whether out door knocking or attending a town event, Rob loves to identify trees and explain natural phenomena in a way that’s both informative and engaging. Rob is a scientist and a teacher. Facts matter to him, and he’s always eager to ensure that information is accessible and understandable to others. 

I’m so proud to vote for this amazing team on November 5th, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting them!