Let me start off with saying that I’m a registered Democrat. I have voted for Republicans before, but am more left leaning - and haven't gotten any less so, given the tone and tenor of the current White House.  I’ve been in Glen Rock north of 20 years, both working and living, and truly appreciate what we have here. A few years back, I offered and became the treasurer for the Packer, Huisking and Morieko campaign of 2015. I knew Bruce and Skip and appreciated what they set out to do – and am still very thankful for those efforts and results.  I didn’t care what side of the aisle they were on – knowing them was reason enough to support them. 

Fast forward a few years and now Eric Schlett is running… and the same applies to him.  Having seen how he's raised his kids, how he put his own interests last in a very long line, knowing his business acumen…even having coached against him – tells me all I need to know.

For our town's sake, I hope that we each vote for the best candidate, whether or not they have a D or an R or any other letter in front of their name. And for me, I very much think Eric Schlett is that candidate.