FAIR LAWN, NJ - Fair Lawn Republican Council candidates John Gil and Glen Callons called upon the District 38 Assembly and Fair Lawn Council members to stand up and fight for the restoration of the $50,000 in Fair Lawn Borough Pedestrian Safety Improvements frozen by Gov. Phil Murphy. 

Gil stated, "When I read that Senate President Sweeney called this funding freeze 'a shameless act of political retribution that is both petty and vindictive – it's Bridgegate on steroids that punishes those who disagree' it sent a chill down my spine." Gil continued, "Fair Lawn should not be a political pawn in the Trenton infighting between the Democratic Governor and Democratic Legislature! Where are our representatives?!"

Callons added, "Pedestrian safety is of great concern here in town, to have it held up due to petty infighting is a disgrace. Fair Lawn deserves better!" Callons continued, "having served as an police officer in town, I have seen first hand the horrors of these accidents. This action proves that Murphy's priorities are not with the residents of New Jersey and Fair Lawn." 

Callons concluded, "We need people on our council and in our legislature who are willing to stand up and say enough is enough, this action directly impacts the safety of this town and we will not sit back."