On Sunday, July 28 Glen Rock resident and Council Candidate Rob Dill completed his 11th Ironman Triathlon. It was his 10th Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placid, a race consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bicycle ride, and a full marathon. 

Rob Dill’s racing career began in 1996 when he entered the lottery for the New York City Marathon. His number was selected, “And then, I did it,” Rob says. Rob completed his first New York City Marathon, and then another. And another. He soon found himself asking, “What’s next?” Rob had never envisioned himself doing an Ironman, but it was an idea that had always interested him. In 1999, he signed up for his first Ironman, and in 2000 he completed the race. 

Rob has a simple view of training for and completing Ironmans. He shares, “It’s about setting a goal, laying the groundwork, and getting it done. You ask yourself, ‘How will I find the time to do this?’ And then you make the time. There are moments when the training is going great, and there are moments when it’s a struggle, but you get up and you do it.” 

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This race was particularly challenging for Rob. The wind was harsh for several hours of the bicycle portion of the Ironman, and it took him more time than usual to complete the race. He says, “This past race was a tough one, I got my butt kicked mentally, but when I got back home the Monday after, I was already looking online to find my next race.” 

Rob believes that anyone can successfully finish a race of this proportion--that the secret to completing an Ironman is the same for any large goal. He says, “Any type of commitment requires homework, study, and hard work to get it done.” For Rob, the joy of participating in an Ironman is not just in finishing the race, but also in the detailed planning and preparation needed to achieve a goal that initially may feel like an impossible feat.