As a longtime resident of Bergen County, I have seen us go through some very hard times – but nothing has compared to how we have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We need strong leadership right now, and I have seen how our Bergen County leaders have been resolutely working to ensure the best for me and all of Bergen County’s residents. So far, I am lucky to have not been severely affected by this pandemic, but there are others that are less fortunate than me. This virus does not discriminate on age, race, gender or wealth; we can all be affected at any time. This is why we must have a leader who will stand with us and fight for us during tough times. Since day one of the virus, Congressman Josh Gottheimer has been that leader. 

Bergen County has been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in New Jersey. With its close proximity to New York City, we have had the highest number of cases in the state since the beginning of the outbreak. In the wake of this pandemic, thousands of people across the country and thousands in Bergen County have lost their jobs and are now struggling to receive unemployment, so they can pay the bills, while doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are persistently working to treat people sick with the disease. 

Rep. Gottheimer has worked tirelessly to help everyone in Bergen County by ensuring that we are all together during this crisis. From giving meals to front-line workers and medical professionals, to helping hospitals get the medical supplies they need, to working with Bergen County mayors and local officials to help combat the outbreak, he has stood with Bergen County every step of the way. We need someone in Congress who will stand up for us, advocate for us, and fight for us, even in a pandemic, and that is Josh Gottheimer.