I am so pleased to share my support for Teresa Gilbreath and Rob Dill for town council, and Kristine Morieko for mayor.

Teresa and Rob are intelligent, well-educated people who are actively involved in our town.  Rob is a college professor and Teresa had a successful career acting as a chief compliance officer in the financial services industry. We are lucky they are willing to volunteer their time to manage the town’s business and provide smart leadership.

I have been especially impressed with Teresa and Rob’s ability to connect with residents, hear their interests in town issues, and bring out the best in everyone they meet.  I have watched both Teresa and Rob interact with residents who were less than receptive to their cheerful greetings at first, but they persisted in finding common ground and understanding the residents’ concerns.  Teresa and Rob will not only work hard to foster a sense of community through their leadership and continuing the wonderful family events our town enjoys, but are very well qualified to handle the legal, financial, and administrative duties our council manages.

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I also fully support Kristine Morieko for mayor. In her time on the council, she has demonstrated that she loves Glen Rock, is well qualified to be mayor, and that she will work hard to take care of the town and its residents.

Don't forget to vote on November 5.