I met Arati Kreibich on the bus ride down to the 2017 Women’s March in Washington D.C. We connected as two moms who are concerned about the climate crisis and our children’s future on this planet, and we immediately started organizing. 

Arati has the courage to step up when action is needed, and in 2017, Arati ran for Glen Rock’s council. When people told her she would never win, she just worked harder. And she won. Arati has since spearheaded bold initiatives that have made our community more inclusive and greener. 

When our current representative began voting for policies that harmed people and our environment, Arati rose to the occasion and launched her campaign for Congress. It wasn’t easy, but she figured it out--because that’s what you do when your children’s future is at stake. 

Arati’s campaign is vibrant and scrappy. Prior to this pandemic crisis, Arati’s team of moms, women and young people used Arati’s living room as campaign headquarters, juggled childcare and work, and turned Arati’s basement into a field office. The process has never been glamorous or easy, but that doesn’t matter when you’re running for the right reasons. Arati is in this race for the good of the planet and for families like mine and yours. I never want to question for whom my representative is fighting. That’s why I’m supporting my friend Dr. Arati Kreibich for Congress; she is truly the woman for the job. Find her name on your mail-in ballot!