I just received my ballot in the mail and can finally vote for Dr. Arati Kreibich for Congress! I am so excited to have an excellent alternative to our current terrible representative. Though Gottheimer is a Democrat in name, his subservience to Trump and Wall Street has deeply disappointed me. His siding with Trump on his wall and opposing protection for kids at the border was horrific. His refusal to sign on to Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s resolution against racism and police brutality is just the latest disappointment.

I know Arati as a friend and as a resident of the town where she serves on the council. She is smart, resourceful, and unafraid to take bold steps to address serious issues. She follows her conscience. She fights for the environment and people, not corporations.

As a business owner, I am pleased that Arati is a supporter of Medicare for All. This country’s health insurance system is broken, and that hurts small businesses. The cost of insurance and medical care discourages entrepreneurs from starting small businesses, which is bad for this country. Gottheimer told the press that his constituents did not care about Medicare for All after many of us called him about that. Arati was part of the crowd that showed up outside his office, many of us carrying signs saying, “Can you hear us now?”

Arati hears us, and she will fight for us. Don’t forget to postmark your primary ballot by July 7! Change starts now, not in November.