As a student, the amount of uncertainty being created by COVID-19 is tremendous; it’s hard to know what type of world I’ll be graduating into or even what the job market will look like when this ends. But this uncertainty has been an ongoing struggle for students saddled with massive debts, and worries about our degrees failing to help us find a job with necessities like health care and medical leave. It’s disheartening as a young person to wonder whether I’ll keep the same standard of living as my parents, or if no amount of work will help me get ahead. 

It’s these circumstances that push me to embrace innovative thinkers, whose ideas aren’t bound to an outdated concept of what’s possible. I hope for leaders that have a vision for how to fix these problems, rather than politicians beholden to moneyed interests. Specifically, I believe in Dr. Arati Kreibich’s campaign for Congress in New Jersey, because she recognizes the challenges within the status quo that we face. She understands the danger of making health care contingent upon your employer’s generosity, and she knows that we need to invest in our future. 

As someone at the beginning of my adult life, I have hope that we can overcome the challenges we face by looking forward. I have confidence that now is the time for leaders like Arati, who will work tirelessly to make sure all people have an opportunity to flourish. I pray that others join me in voting for her.