I am not a Republican. But I am voting for Republican Eric Schlett for Glen Rock Borough Council on November 5.
I have known Eric for over 10 years and he is my friend. We served together on the board of the Glen Rock Junior Football Association and Eric always had a good, reasoned handle on the big picture, and figuring out what was the right thing to do when there were decisions to be made. Most of the time we agreed. Sometimes we didn’t. But Eric was always a person you could talk to, one to whom you could explain your side of things, and with whom you could debate issues.
And he would not only listen, but he was open to accepting your point of view, and would actively work with you to find common ground.
That open-mindedness is why Eric is my friend. And it is exactly the kind of quality I want from the people who are the leaders of Glen Rock. There are rarely easy solutions to the borough’s problems, and we need leaders who understand this, and will work to find the best, most comprehensive course of action that will help everyone, regardless of political party affiliation.
I know I can count on Eric to do this, and that’s why I support him for Glen Rock Borough Council.