Living close to the proposed Rock Road Affordable housing site, I have had the opportunity to talk at length to both mayoral candidates about a specific borough issue that affects me, as well as the borough as a whole. I was very impressed with the time Kristine Morieko took to sit and listen to my concerns, and discuss with me at length the borough’s needs. Rather than fear monger or make empty promises, Kristine listened and was open to work on real solutions to help mitigate the effects 261 Rock Road will have on my block. It was obvious to me that Kristine not only cares deeply about Glen Rock and local government of the people and for the people, but has a breadth of knowledge and experience to lead this borough for every resident.

On November 5, I will gladly vote for Kristine Morieko, Teresa Gilbreath, and Rob Dill, I urge you to do the same.