As a Facebook user, I know Glen Rockers like to have their voices heard.  But these days, it can feel like those voices are more divided than ever. In times like these, we deserve elected representatives who seek to unite us, rather than dig deeper into partisan trenches.

For this reason, I enthusiastically endorse Kristine Morieko, Teresa Gilbreath, and Rob Dill for mayor and council.  Kristine, Teresa, and Rob have impressed me with their willingness to have difficult conversations and seek consensus, building a platform that reflects specific, actionable solutions to our concerns. Rather than just throwing up their hands at disagreement, their door-knocking project portrayed an openness to dialogue that makes me confident they will continue to listen and fight for all of Glen Rock once in office.

A political campaign is like an extended job interview; you can tell a lot about a candidate by the way they present themselves for the job. Kristine, Teresa, and Rob have run a consistently clean and respectful campaign, focusing on the positive change they can bring to our town, and turning their backs on misinformation and Internet stunts. Their respect for the voters of Glen Rock speaks volumes for their temperament and their ability to succeed in uniting our town as we set off on our next 125 years.

If you are looking for a team that will hear your voice and take action, I urge you to join me in voting for Morieko, Gilbreath, and Dill on Tuesday, Nov. 5.