I have known Kristine since we were 3, growing up together and being raised in this fantastic town. Glen Rock is the town that we both decided to raise our families in, and I’ve witnessed first hand the passion, energy and commitment she has towards making this town a better place for everyone. 

I refer to Kristine as a ”super mom” - juggling a household with twins, working a full-time job, and dedicating countless hours of service to our small town as an elected member of our town council. As a councilwoman, she has been an excellent “voice” for all residents - listening to all constituents, from seniors to newcomers, and everyone in between - all in an effort to continue the high standard of excellence in this great town that we all want to continue.

One of the things I like most is that Kristine takes an objective approach to every topic she tackles - she doesn’t go with the flow - she’s an independent thinker who evaluates the facts and makes decisions that are in the best interest of everyone. 

Having grown up in Glen Rock, and now raising a young family here, Kristine brings perspective that provides a balance of the past traditions with a vision for the future. I think that Kristine will make an excellent Mayor of our town and strongly give my endorsement.