I’m running for reelection to the Board of Education because I strongly belief that education is the most important gift we can give to ALL CHILDREN. It is our responsibility to see that ALL CHILDREN have the tools and the opportunity to become productive members of society whether in a profession or a trade. I have committed my life to that belief. I have brought a unique and multifaceted perspective to the board in the 15 years I have served including 2 ½ years as president. I have 40 years in education, 29 years teaching grades 7 – 12 here in Fair Lawn.  I spent many years involved in training teacher both in the classroom and at University level. I am a parent, grandparent, taxpayer and senior citizen. We need diverse perspectives on the board so we can make decisions based on all points of view.

My vision of our schools 5 years from now is expansion of our mental health and wellness initiatives to address the emotional needs of ALL CHILDREN in an ever more stressful world. I envision more and more partnerships with other educational institutions, including colleges. This year our high school has begun a partnership with Bergen Community College enabling 14 students to have 2 years of college completed by the time they graduate high school. I envision more and more development of Career and Technical Education Programs (CTP) for students who are drawn to the trades through partnerships with our community as well as creating our own in-house programs which also include work place readiness for our special needs population. I envision a district that successfully meets the needs of ALL CHILDREN.

Social media is a driving force in our society today. We must embrace it and harness its positive power as another vital communication tool. Recognizing this, the school board approved the hiring of a Community Relations Liaison to oversee our district Facebook page which is verified to ensure all posts are official district posts and also oversee our website and our Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Our board is presently reviewing a social media policy and will begin public discussion in October.

Lastly, I personally use social media within the guidelines set out by the NJ department of Education Administrative Statute and the recommendations of NJ School Boards. I must acknowledge that I am a board member, but I am expressing my opinions, not the opinions of the board.  I cannot reveal anything said in closed session, I cannot undermine the position of the board, and I cannot speak for the board. Only the board president is our spokesperson.