My name is Arati Kreibich. I am a neuroscientist, a mom, an immigrant, and a local elected official running for Congress in NJ-5. After Trump was elected, I organized, I ran for Council in Glen Rock, and I won--and I got things done while standing up for our core Democratic values and reaching across the aisle to take care of my community.

Our Congressmember, on other hand, has been prioritizing the Trump administration and Wall Street over the needs of real people for the past 3.5 years. I worked hard to get our Congressmember elected, but when he sabotaged protections for kids in cages in 2019, he betrayed the values of my community. 

In these unprecedented times of crisis upon crisis, we need a Congressmember who fights for our working families, who knows that healthcare is a human right, who will take bold climate action, who refuses corporate PAC money, and who isn’t afraid to hold Trump accountable.

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My opponent thinks that the way to keep this seat is to appease Trump. That if you undermine the Democratic agenda enough and our values enough, you will keep this seat. I couldn't disagree more. The way to win is to show people a better way. The way to win is to lead with hope and courage, not to give in to the politics of fear. We need a leader to stay true to our values, to lead by example and to govern as a Real Democrat. 

We fight for these principles because when we stand by them, we are fighting for all of us, regardless of whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or Unaffiliated. Upholding our real Democratic values is how we all win.

I am running to defeat Trump’s agenda and work for real, systemic change for North Jersey. Now more than ever, NJ-5 needs and deserves a representative who will act on the urgency of our times. This means a representative who will fight for healthcare for all, for a Green New Deal, and for our kids’ and our planet’s future, without seeking permission from corporate donors. 

I am a Real Democrat fighting for real change for all of us. Our grassroots, people-powered campaign is resonating across the district and across our nation because we are fighting for popular policies that our NJ-5 communities demand and deserve. 

I hope to earn your vote in the July 7 primary.