I have had the joy of knowing Teresa Gilbreath as a family friend and neighbor for over 50 years. Although I no longer live in the Bergen County area, we remain friends and I am thrilled to learn that Teresa is a candidate for the Glen Rock Borough Council. I can’t think of a more perfect candidate to provide leadership for the people of Glen Rock. 

She is intelligent, creative, energetic, and compassionate and a talented leader who has demonstrated in her professional and personal life that she deeply cares for the welfare of others. The commitment by Teresa and her team to knock on every door in Glen Rock is amazing but not surprising considering Teresa’s outstanding work ethic. She is a loyal and trusted friend, excellent mother, wife and daughter. She is like a fifth daughter to my almost 100 year old mother for good reason. She is caring, considerate and positive and would not hesitate to be of assistance to my mom if the need arose.

I have complete confidence that she and her team members will listen to all the voices of the community to make the very lovely town of Glen Rock even more special. I highly recommend Teresa  Gilbreath for the Glen Rock Borough Council.