GLEN ROCK, NJ - Retired Sergeant George Erlich, who is "much more than someone who crosses" Glen Rock kids, according to borough officials, received the borough honor as a "Volunteer Behind the Scenes".

"His role is a little different," Michael Shetler, Glen Rock's Volunteer Coordinator said on March 13 during an award ceremony at the council meeting. "He lends a hand one-to-one."

Shetler found this out personally when he posted a video of Erlich's good works on Facebook and learned "everybody" already knew who he was and knew of his good deeds.

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Erlich, who served as an active member of the Glen Rock Police Department from January 1978 to December 2008, was modest when asked to talk about his award.

"This is Adam's (Pyatak) day," he said, noting the officer's 20-year service award the same evening.

"I've been retired for 11 years," Erlich said. "I appreciate your welcoming me here. Everyone has been there for me and I will always be here for everybody."

Erlich, a highly decorated officer during his years of service, "did not stop caring for others and lending a helping hand when he retired," Shetler said. "He has been a Crossing Guard at Maple and Rodney for the last decade and has continued quietly caring for members of the community who are in need of a helping hand."