GLEN ROCK, NJ - Mayor Kristine Morieko reminded residents on Sunday, March 15 they are "all in this together," amid a consistent stream of coronavirus concerns and coronavirus-caused closures.

It is a beautiful day in Glen Rock.  We spent most of the morning and afternoon outside going for walks, playing in the yard.  We practiced social distancing - making sure to not get close to our neighbors and it was great to see so many friends on bicycles, on foot out and about.  This is an uncertain time, but I am confident that we will make it through, together, as a community.  Glen Rockers always come through when there is a need - let's take the time to reach out to our elderly neighbors and see if they need any assistance. 

As always, remember - we are in this together.

Ever Forward, Kristine R. Morieko, Mayor of Glen Rock