Dear Glen Rock Community,

If you haven’t heard or realized, both the Glen Rock Environmental Commission and the Glen Rock Green Team are starting an “Adopt a Storm Drain” initiative (#YearOfAirAndWater). This is mostly because the local DPW can’t keep up and inspect all the storm drains.

Like your drains at home, if they get clogged or filled up with stuff, they could cause a whole host of problems. That’s why you need to remove what you need to remove and then the water will drain properly. Same idea with this initiative. First, you find any storm drain that you could get from your house or where you commute to. Second, fill out a form online to help us keep track of the drains that are adopted all over the town. Third and final, clean and maintain the storm drain grate and anything around it that may slow down water flow.

If it’s natural items like tree branches or leaves, you can just compost them in your yard to decompose. If it’s recyclables or trash, put it into your trash or recycle bin and if you don’t know which bin to put it in you can use the new handy dandy Recycle Coach app on your phone to help you. Lastly, if it’s none of the previously mentioned things and you need an expert or professionals to help then you can call the GR DPW (201-670-3980) or email

To find out more information and to fill out the form, the link to type is this: