FAIR LAWN, NJ - The borough is asking residents to clean up the paper and cardboard recycling stream, just as they did the bottles and cans recycling stream, according to the recycling coordinator.

"On May 2, the Borough started a town wide campaign to get the garbage out of the bottles and cans recycling. The residents, by and large, have done a great job in helping us clean up the product we sell," Ron Lottermann, recycling and Clean Communities coordinator, said. "Now we need your help to clean up the paper and cardboard recycling stream. This is where we earn most of the money from recycling."

The following items have been found in the paper/cardboard mix and DO NOT belong in the recycling. They are garbage. 
- Styrofoam
- Plastic bands or strapping that go around the cardboard boxes
- Plastic bottles
- Plastic wrap
- Cardboard covered in wax (usually were used for shipping of fruit/vegetables to markets
- Metal
- Scrap wood
- Plastic bags
- Plastic toys

"At the Recycling Center, we separate corrugated cardboard from the paper mix because we earn more money for the separated corrugated boxes," he said in a press release. "At the center, chipboard boxes, like cereal boxes, are regular paper and not corrugated. If you are not sure, please ask a [borough] employee."