GLEN ROCK, NJ - The Glen Rock Environmental Commission (GREC) is seeking to implement “Commercial energy efficiency outreach” by Sustainable Jersey this fall and has the goal to promote the very significant incentives the state is making available through the NJ Clean Energy program to help businesses pay for energy efficiency upgrades (lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc).

Notably, the Direct Install program, for example, covers up to 70% of the total costs, leaving the business to pay only 30% ! In addition to the savings for capital improvement, making the business facility more energy efficient will have the immediate effect of significantly lower their energy bills.

The borough has taken advantage of this program for a recent upgrade at the Ambulance corps building and is considering to benefit again for work at other buildings.

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As you see from our carbon footprint calculation for 2014, the commercial sector represents the second highest contributor to CO2 emissions in our town based on electricity consumption, so, together with the residential sector, it is a critical target in our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

GREC is planning to launch a business outreach campaign in the fall, in collaboration with the state NJ Clean Energy program and Lime Energy (the state selected contractor for our area). To this end, a letter will go out in early September from the Mayor’s office to all businesses and business organizations, briefly summarizing the state incentives, and inviting all to an informal meeting to take place at Borough Hall.

GREC is proposing to schedule the meeting at ~8AM on a weekday in late September-early October.  Let GREC know whether you would have any input for this effort that can help them maximize attendance in terms of day and time for the meeting.  They are currently looking into these two possible dates:

  • Thursday Sept 26th  or October 3rd at 8am

Representatives from the NJ Clean Energy program and Lime energy will be presenting and answering questions. Lime Energy would then follow up by visiting the businesses in person to discuss the individual needs and offer free energy audits.