You are all wasting fuel! Not literally pouring gasoline into the ground but through your car’s tailpipes. Of course, we all need to drive to get from point A to point B, but in the process, we tend to unintentionally keep the car running while we wait for someone and warming-up/cooling the car, waiting on a stoplight, etc. All of this is called “idling” or to procrastinate (in a way).

Ever since we invented cars and other vehicles, we have been idling everywhere we go. We just really monitor it nowadays ever since environmental movements started and data from scientists saying that it has negative effects on the places around you.

Statistics show that your vehicle can generate around 30 million tons of carbon dioxide every year.

It also shows that idling can cost you in $70-650 in fuel per year. So, if you find that you are idling/stalling in your car for more than 10 seconds you should just turn off the car at that point.