GLEN ROCK, NJ - An unlocked car door with the key fob inside most likely prompted another car theft--not a surprise to the Glen Rock Police.

On Aug. 29, a Glen Rock Square townhouse resident's 2015 Lexus SUV was stolen from their driveway, along with their wallet containing about $100 and credit cards, police said.

Video surveillance from the Glen Rock DPW captured images of the vehicle being driven from the area at 2:28 a.m., police said. An attempt to use one of the victim’s credit cards occurred three hours later.  

"In recent years numerous vehicles have been stolen throughout the region by actors who specifically target vehicles where drivers have left keys or key fobs in their unlocked vehicles," Police Chief Dean Ackermann said in a press release. "Ten out of thirteen vehicles reported stolen in Glen Rock over the last three years have been taken under these circumstances. Motorist are reminded that it is never safe to leave your vehicle unlocked or your keys in your vehicle, even in your driveway."