To the editor,

When I travel around Hunterdon County, I see the American flag on flagpoles, the front of houses, hanging out car windows and even in the back of a pickup truck. It makes me proud to be American when I see the pride these people are exhibiting by flying the flag, especially this time of year with July 4 just around the corner. It also makes it difficult for me to understand that while they have so much pride in America, they don’t buy American products.

When you go into, Kohls or Walmart or the Gap there are so many country's products it is like you are visiting the United Nations. However, you have to look extremely hard and you may find products from America and most often you will not. There is a website called “Made in America Forever." The gentleman that maintains the website, Todd, did a study and he concluded that if every American purchased one American product in a year’s time it would add $9 billion to the economy.

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I don’t want to hear the old complaint “I can’t find American products.” If you can’t it’s because you are too lazy to look. With the internet you can find anything. Texas Jeans, made in North Carolina cost less than those made in China and they are better quality. Diamond Gusset Jeans have been made in the USA since 1987 and Pointer Brand has been made in the USA since 1917. So, don’t tell me you can’t find them. Go to All American Clothing or go to the AFL-CIO website or Made in USA Forever to find USA products. If you are looking for high end western clothes go to Schaeffer. A bit pricey but good quality. You can find any product you want made in the USA, even computers. Just spend the time and you will find it.

America needs jobs with a living wage and good benefits. But, it takes manufacturing to create jobs. There can’t be American manufacturing if you aren’t going to buy American products. Manufacturers don’t create companies to not sell products. There was a time we believed “made in Japan" made the product better and cheaper. Not true today, plus do you really want to boost Japan’s economy?

I am proud to be American when I see all those flags and all that pride. Let’s extend that pride when we purchase our products and clothes.

P.S.: You may want to check that flag you are flying. Don’t want to burst your bubble but it may be made in China.

John Mackay

Raritan Township