To the editor:

Prior to the Nov. 7 elections, I wrote to congratulate Delaware Township committee candidates on running a clean race. Unfortunately, the seemingly earnest guarantee made to me by one Republican candidate turned out to be an empty promise. Less than a week before the election, the Republican candidates used the same sleazy tactic they had employed in the 2014 election, when they targeted a Democrat in the eleventh hour, knowing the candidate would be unable to effectively respond in the short window of time remaining.

I find the negative mailings to be distasteful and dishonorable. My mailbox was stuffed full of such postcards from candidates this year and I am gratified to see that many of those who endorsed these nasty messages were denied the offices that they were seeking. I wonder when these individuals will learn to campaign on their merits, rather than by cherry picking debatable nuggets of information intended to inflame voters which they hope will shore up their weak positions.

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But I digress from my point – to the Delaware Township committeeman who won his election despite his dishonesty: you have lost my respect, my support and my trust. I hope your coveted position in township government is worth more to you than the respect of those you represent, as well as that of the candidate you attempted to defeat.

Carla Kelly-Mackey, Delaware Township