EAST AMWELL TWP., NJ – Several dozen 4-H shows were held during the recent Hunterdon County 4-H and Agricultural Fair. Here are the results of several of the contests:

The Family Consumer Sciences project area held its annual 4-H Bake-off in the Ramsburg Building. The entry of Anna Marie Coppola of Flemington (Cream Cheese Pound Cake) won an “excellent rating” and Jack Dabb of Pittstown (Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cake) earned Best of Show. Anne Marie is from the Hunterdon 4-H Sheep Club and Jack is a member of the Creative Kids.

Annabelle Majorossy from Creative Kids baked Cheddar-Chive Zucchini Bread and received a good rating. Julia Wedeking’s Snickerdoodles also earned a good rating. She is from Sew, Bake ‘n Bloom club. Cadence Grieder of Lebanon Township earned a Cloverbud ribbon for her Snickerdoodle cookies.

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Josie Kohanski from Ringoes entered a 10 inch decorated cake form and earned a very good rating in the confections competition. She is in Sew, Bake, & Bloom club.

The Hunterdon County 4-H Goat Show produced these winners:

First place Senior Showman was Maggie Kelly, grade 10, of Alexandria Township and member of the Kick Butt Kids.  Alyssa Schneider, grade 9, of Delaware Township and member of the No Goats No Glory 4-H Club took second place senior Showman. Olivia Brennan, 9th grade, of Lebanon Township, member of No Goats No Glory took first place Senior Fitting. Junior Showmanship winners were Julianna Savare, 7th grade, of Delaware Township, first place; Rachel Ewing, grade 8, of Franklin Township, member of Kick Butt Kids, second; and Maurianna Kowalski, grade 7, of East Amwell and member of Gregarious Goats, first in Junior Fitting. Novice Showman Morgan McCullough, grade 4, of Hopewell Township member of No Goats No Glory, first place Showman and first place Fitting; Paige Kelly, grade 5, of Kick Butt Kids, second place Showman.

The breed classes opened with Nigerian Milking division. Olivia Brennan showed the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Nigerians. In the Alpine class, Rachel Ewing won Grand Champion while Reserve went to Alyssa Schneider. Annarose King, grade, 9 of Delaware Township, member of No Goats No Glory had the Grand Champion grade. Grand Champion Mini Nubian prize was awarded to Abbey Kuhn, grade 8, of Alexandria Township, member of Kick Butt kids. Best Senior Doe in Show was awarded to Olivia Brennan.  

In the Junior Show, Corynn Lewis, 10th grade, of West Amwell Township, member of No Goats No Glory had Junior Champion Nigerian.  Leanna Tucker, 10th grade, of Philipsburg, member of Kick Butt Kids had Reserve Grand Champion Nigerian. Junior Champion Mini Nubian went to Morgan McCullough. Julie Danese, grade 7, of Kingwood Township showed Junior Champion Alpine.  Corynn Lewis had Best Junior Doe in Show. Matthew Mendonca, grade 12, of Alexandria Township, member of Udder Joy Kids won Best Fiber. Morgan McCullough took Best of Breed with her Silkie. Best Market animal award went to Maggie Kelly. Julianna Savare, grade 8, of Delaware Township, member of Udder Joy Kids, had Best Wether. Avery Schaefer, grade, 8 of East Amwell Township, member of No Goats No Glory won Best Baby Goat in Show prize.  Samuel King of Delaware Township, member of No Goats No Glory, won Best Working Goat and Olivia Brennan won Best Dam and Daughter.

More than 100 birds were shown in the Invitational 4-H Poultry Show, open to several counties. Several members of the Hunterdon County Fur n’ Feathers received high placings. Andrew Lederach of Flemington exhibited the Best Standard Pullet, Best Standard Rooster, Reserve Standard Rooster, Best Backyard Hen, Reserve Backyard Hen, Best Bantam Pullet, Reserve Bantam Hen, Best Bantam Rooster and Reserve Bantam Rooster. Diana VanDoren of Flemington received Reserve Standard Hen and Best Eggs prizes. Alyssa Schneider of Stockton received Best Backyard Rooster. Cole Gillooly of Stockton received the Reserve Eggs prize. Jacob VanDoren of Flemington received Reserve Standard Pullet, Best Standard Cockerel, Best Pigeon, Reserve Pigeon, Reserve Pair, Best Turkey, Reserve Turkey, Best in Show and Reserved Best in Show.

Bryan Lederach of Flemington received Reserve Standard Cockerel. Jackie Reed of Flemington received Reserve Bantam Pullet. Morgan Krupa of Ringoes received Best Bantam Hen, Best Bantam Cockerel, Best Pair and Advanced Showmanship. Jack Dabb of Lebanon showed Best Duck and Reserve Duck. Mia Gillooly of Stockton received Novice Showmanship and Annabelle Majorossy of Readington received Intermediate Showmanship prizes.    

Brandon Lauchnor of Madison, Morris County 4-H, received Best Standard Hen. Kaitlin Smith of Washington, Warren County 4-H, received Best Backyard Pullet, Reserved Backyard Pullet, Reserve Backyard Rooster, Reserved Bantam Cockerel, Best Game Bird and Reserve Game Bird.

The Hunterdon County 4-H Invitational Rabbit, Cavy and Small Animal Show produced multiple winners.  The show had 148 rabbit, 11 cavy and 2 hamster entries.

The following 4-H members, all from Hunterdon, won prizes: Lily Santo, grade 9, placed Best Beveren.  Jackie Reed, 6th grade, placed Best Dutch. Olivia Arena, 10th grade, Best English Spot, Reserve English Spot and Best Mini Rex.  Elizabeth Grecco, 6th grade, won Best Flemish Giant, Best Jersey Wooly, Reserve Jersey Wooly, Best Mini Lop, Best Netherland Dwarf and Reserve Netherland Dwarf prizes.  Veronica Klementovich, 4th grade, won Reserve Himalayan award. Emily Kostelansky had Best Mini Lop.  Katelyn Hornsby, 6th grade, showed Reserve Mini Lop and Reserve Mini Rex. Jillian Savare, 6th grade, Reserve Best Mismarked Dutch and Reserve Mismarked Dutch.

Also, Christopher Lengen, grade 5, Best Mixed Breed and Best Rex. Taylor Lengen, 8th grade, Reserve Rex; Ashley Stamets, grade 7, Best Polish and Elizabeth Grecco, grade 6, Best Small Animal, Reserve  Small Animal, Best Hamster and Reserve Hamster. Nicolas Floyd, grade 7, won Best in Show Cavy, Reserve Abbyssinian, Best Teddy and Reserve Teddy. Kaitlin Smith, grade 9, won Reserve Cavy and Bet American, reserve American and Best American Satin. Summer Yarusinsky, grade 7, won Best Mixed Breed and Reserve Mixed Breed.  

Zachary Newman, grade 12, of Ocean County won Best in Show Rabbit, Reserve in Show Rabbit, Best Argente Brun, Reserve Argente Brun, best English Lop, best French Lop and Reserve French Lop.  Kaitlin Smith, grade 9, of Warren County took Best American Fuzzy Lop, Reserve American Fuzzy Lop, Reserve Dutch, Best Himalayan, Best Holland Lop, Reserve Holland Lop, Best Lionhead, and Best Palomino. Brittany Smith, 10th grade, of Warren County showed Best New Zealand.  Olivia Eggers, of also of Warren, won Reserve Lionhead. Surya Pillai, grade 8, of Somerset County placed Best Abbyssinian.

The Hunterdon County 4-H Poultry Show had more than 200 birds showed by the Fur ‘n Feathers 4-H Club members. Placings were as follows: Andrew Lederach of Flemington received Best Bantam. Morgan Krupa of Ringoes received Reserve Bantam and Reserve Duck. Jacob VanDoren of Flemington received Best Turkey, Reserve Turkey, Best Game bird, Best Pigeon, Best Standard, Best Pair and Best in Show. Jack Dabb of Pittstown received Reserve Game bird, Best Duck and Reserve Best in Show. Alyssa Schneider of Stockton received Reserve Pigeon, Reserve Pair and Best Eggs. Bryan Lederach of Flemington received Reserve Standard.

Lindsey Davis of Pittstown received Best Backyard Bird and Advanced Showmanship. Elizabeth Kelly of Pittstown received Reserve Backyard Bird. Jessica Veith of Ringoes received Reserve Eggs and Intermediate Showmanship. Mia Gillooly of Stockton received Novice Showmanship prize.

A total of 13 youths entered the 4-H Art Show, with 48 entries of pottery, drawings and paintings on display.  Division one winners, 4th grade to 8th grade, were Josie Whitmore of Lebanon, Best of Show, First Place and Second Place; Jack Dabb of Lebanon, third; and Paisley Fox took Best of Show, First Place.

Senior division, grade 9 to grade 13 winners, included; Lianna Bonacorsi of Pittstown, Best of Show, First Place and Third Place; Lindsay Davis of Asbury, Best in Show; Nicholas Millan of Pittstown, First Place; Lily Santo of Three Bridges,  second, and Grace Majorossy of Flemington, third.

It was another great year for the 4-H booth displays at the fair. The creativity and designs of the different booths shows how much thought and hard work the members put into making their booth a success. The theme this year was “One Club, Many Opportunities.”

Fur n’ Feathers small animal club took Best of Show with their creative and organized display. Hunterdon Hoppers rabbit club also took Best of Show with their “best community club booth.”

The Hunterdon Deadeyes shooting sports club took first place with their best layout and design. Hunterdon County Sheep Club took second place with their unique presentation and eye-appealing booth. S.A.V.E veterinary club took third place with their educational display. The other clubs that participated were Spot on Shooters 4-H club, P.A.W.S dog club, Kick Butt Kids goat club, Sew Bake n’ Bloom, Round Valley Riders horse club, Mount Airy Dairy cow club, Centaurs horse club and Creative Kids.