KINGWOOD, NJ – First responders are on the scene here at the Delaware River and are pulling the body of a man from the water.

“The worst has happened,” said Greg Crance, who owns Delaware River Tubing, a popular nearby tubing, rafting, kayaking  and canoeing outfitter on the river.

However, the victim is not one of his customers, Crance said.

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The body was first discovered stuck on rocks in the river by a Delaware River Tubing employee, said Matthew Crance, who is Greg’s son and who also works for the company. They called 911 just after 12:30 p.m. today, Matthew said.

“We feel for the family,” said both men.

“We want people to enjoy the river,” Greg Crance said. He makes sure his customers always have personal flotation devices and avoid alcohol. In this instance, the victim does not appear to have a PFD, Matthew said.

Crance has run Delaware River Tubing for a decade. He bemoans the carelessness of some who come here. It isn’t just the common use of alcohol and lack of PFDs that are problems he said, but some of the tubes people use to float down the river are not river-ready. “They are really pool toys,” Crance said. “One scrape of them against the rock” and they quickly deflate.

It isn’t yet known what caused today’s tragedy, or even whether the death was the result of drowning.

Crance said he would like to see state officials should step up enforcement in the area to help prevent drownings.