FLEMINGTO, NJ - Everyone has the chance to take part in a new cutting-edge adult Hebrew reading crash course called "Read it in Hebrew,” which will take place in Flemington, starting this month.

This flashcard based language course is intended to have users learn to read Hebrew in only five weeks if they follow the program. It has been tried successfully in more than 150 cities across the US.

Rabbi Eli Kornfeld, Director of Chabad of Hunterdon County, will conduct the classes, which promise to be as lively and informative.

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"Many people feel lost in synagogue because they don't know how to read Hebrew," Rabbi Kornfeld said. "We have found that learning how to read Hebrew strengthens one's feeling of connection to Judaism in a powerful way. 'Read it in Hebrew' fills a tremendous need."

The course is designed to appeal to people at all levels of Jewish knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning or Hebrew. It is open to the public and attendees do not have to be affiliated with a synagogue to participate in the course.

The course's first two lessons focus on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet while the last three lessons introduce vowels and teach students how to read words. It uses flashcards portraying the letters alongside catchy mnemonics. In addition to reading skills, students get a glimpse into the holiness and depth of the Hebrew language, including brief kabalistic explanations of the Hebrew letters.

"Finally, a fun and easy-to-use program that teaches Jews how to read in the language their ancestors," Rabbi Kornfeld said. "If you want to participate in synagogue but find it hard to follow what's going on, this is for you. Language no longer needs to be a barrier between Jewish people and their heritage."

Classes will be offered on Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.at the Chabad Youth Lounge at 35 Fulper Rd. herein Turntable Junction. The course will start Oct. 29, and will run for five weeks. The $50 for the entire course includes brunch. Prior registration required.  Brunch is included.

For more information about the course, or to register, call 908-238-9002 or visit www.jewishhunterdon.com.