FLEMINGTON, NJ – Hunterdon County’s Cultural & Heritage Commission is getting ready for the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution.

The anniversary won’t be until 2026, but there’s a lot of preparation to do.

On April 21, the commission will host a one-day conference with Crossroads of the American Revolution. It will be held at the old Historic Courthouse on Main Street here.

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The event will include "The Art of Dress in the American Revolution," Cultural & Heritage Commission Executive Director Carrie Fellows told county Freeholders March 7.

Crossroads is a Trenton-based non-profit group funded mostly by grants. The program will feature presentations on men's and women's Revolutionary War-era clothing and uniforms.

Fellows said this is the first time the Commission has charged an admission fee for an event. She said she expects the fee to be about $15.

The fee is necessary “because this is a full-day event and we need to provide a box lunch,” Fellows said. In response to Freeholder questions, Fellows said there wouldn’t be enough time for “attendees to get out and get back in a reasonable period of time” if box lunches weren’t offered.

“The fear was that it would overwhelm some of the local restaurants to have 150 people descend on them on a Friday ... That was our concern. We didn’t want them to miss any of the activities in the afternoon.”

Some of the fee will also be used to pay the speakers at the event, which will include Mark Hutter, the Master Tailor at Colonial Williamsburg, Fellows said.

“It’s also the way Crossroads has done things in the past,” she said. “They have a standard format they like to follow.”

If the admission fee doesn’t cover the Commission’s costs, Fellows said she’d try to make up the difference from other funding sources.