Flemington, NJ – Navigating the challenges of ‘untying the knot’ doesn’t have to be done in isolation. NORWESCAP Career & Life Transitions along with a family law attorney, a financial expert and a licensed clinical social worker will come together to help women with a divorce-preparedness workshop entitled At the Table; Support, Information, Hope. It will be hosted at the NORWESCAP CLTC office in Flemington at 84 Park Avenue this April 14, 2016.
At the Table: Support, Information, Hope was developed to address the legal, financial, family and personal issues of divorce in a logical, yet compassionate way. Negotiating a divorce is not easy. At the Table provides a great opportunity for someone in need to acquire non-biased, straightforward information and options to help them focus on what they need to do legally, financially and emotionally through this difficult time.
Rebecca Li, Esq. of DeTorres & DeGeorge Family Law will be joining us this April 14th, 2016 for At the Table. With a legal career over 15 years focused on family law, Ms. Li has appeared at trials, motions for post-judgment modifications of custody, alimony, and child-support, and at domestic violence hearings, as well as settlement panels and private mediations. As a working mother, Ms. Li brings compassionate experience and a keen sense of the demands of modern life to help create effective resolutions that make sense, not only legally, but also practically. Rebecca Li is a 1993 graduate of Georgia Southern University and received her Juris Doctor from Tulane Law School in New Orleans, LA in 1997. She presently serves as an Early Settlement Panelist for the Family Court in Hunterdon and Morris Counties.
At the Table; Support, Information, Hope will address the questions an individual may have before actually severing a relationship, or they may receive the critical information and resources needed to map their path through this difficult time. This is a great fit and an enhancement to the full range of services NORWESCAP Career & Life Transitions Center already offers to those going through such a transition; job readiness, computer skills, career counseling, self-esteem programs, support groups, empowerment, training grants, legal and financial clinics.

At the Table: Support, Information, Hope is an authoritative information workshop offered at NO COST to the public.
For further information or to pre-register for the Thursday, April 14th 2016 edition of At the Table; Support, Information, Hope please call 908-788-1453-2624 or e-mail sickingerth@norwescap.org.
Thursday, April 14, 2016
The Old Egg Auction Building
84 Park Avenue
Flemington, NJ 08822