FLEMINGTON, NJ –Last week, borough officials announced that changes made to the redevelopment plan for the Union Hotel and surrounding properties would preserve the landmark hotel.

Today, they released architectural renderings of the redesign.

The plan also preserves the 90 Main St. building. In a statement, borough officials called the two buildings “the two most historically significant buildings on the Main Street portion of the project.”

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For the Union Hotel, the north wall, west wall (along Main Street), and about half of the south wall will be retained, along with the roofline, “so that the hotel will look just like it does today,” the statement said. For 90 Main, the entire exterior of the historic building will be retained. Each building has sections added to the rear that officials say are not historic and those will be removed.

“The changes reflect the developer’s desire to address the historic concerns expressed by some without rendering the project economically infeasible,” according to the statement, which is on the borough’s website.

The changes reduce the amount of retail space, which in turn reduces the parking requirement. Those reductions in retail space and parking are what allow the Main Street profile to remain at the same height as today.

The overall footprint of the project does not change.

Council will discuss these changes in a public meeting and then decide whether to officially incorporate them into the redeveloper agreement.