READINGTON, NJ – A new 25,000 square-foot all-organic farm market is expected to open here next spring.

Profeta Farms is located on the farm’s property on Route 202 south, at the corner of Summer Road.  

The market will feature freshly picked, farm-grown organic vegetables, as well as organic meat, eggs and dairy products from pigs, cows and chickens humanely pasture-raised at Profeta Farms.

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The market will also carry a selection of cooking staples, such as flours, oils and sweeteners, supplied by trusted organic purveyors. Shoppers will also be able to pick up a selection of freshly prepared foods including baked goods and grab-and-go snacks and meals made with farm-fresh ingredients.

Profeta Farms was started by husband and wife team Paul Profeta and Joanne Malino, along with farmer John Place. Unsatisfied with the current government standards used to award the organic certification and unhappy with the contaminants in  the food supply, the team decided to take matters into their own hands. The result is an organic farm that they say exceeds USDA standards for Certified Organic.

Profeta Farms uses no chemicals or pesticides, and all animals on the farm are all humanely pasture-raised.

“When we initially learned of the lax standards and lack of transparency in the food industry several years ago, we knew that something had to be done,” said Paul Profeta, co-founder and owner of Profeta Farms. “Food labels that shoppers come across in conventional grocery stores can be deceiving, and many times, fruits and vegetables travel so far before hitting store shelves, they lose their valuable nutrients and flavor.”

Built to resemble an early 20th-century regional barn, the building that features an authentic timber frame construction held together by mortise and tenon with wooden peg fasteners. Not a single metal fastener is being used in the construction process. Despite the traditional design and architecture, the building also meets Profeta Farms’ strict standards surrounding sustainability, as the team has taken steps to ensure the market’s energy efficiency.

Later next year, Profeta Farms plans expand its products to include a fresh butcher counter, ice cream, rustic farmstead pizzas and a full complement of prepared foods, all made with local, beyond Certified Organic ingredients.

The farm’s local organic produce and organic pasture-raised meat, eggs and dairy products are currently available for purchase at Profeta Farms in their small footprint store, which will remain open until the market launches next year.