I have resided in the district for my entire life. I have attended its schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. I have an interest to strive to continuously improve policies, methods, and procedures so that we help our schools excel in the perception of our objectives. I will work to improve the overall quality of education to ensure that we are equipping our children with all the tools they will need for their upcoming grade levels and life after school. My pledge to the community and its students. I will always act in an ethical manner, holding the best interest of all students in FRSD in the highest regards. Regardless of the obstacles placed in front of us.

Currently I am campaigning with Christopher Walker and Marianne Kenny who are both running for a 3-year seat. We have decided to campaign together since we feel working as team and having open discussions is the best way to achieve a common goal. The members of the board of Ed need to work together especially when the welfare of the children is a factor. A cohesive board that has open dialog is one that will succeed. Board members need to be willing to put their emotions aside for the greater good.