FLEMINGTON, NJ - The Flemington-Raritan Regional School District has been honored with the 2020 Best Communities for Music Education distinction from the NAMM Foundation for outstanding commitment to music education.

“The music education programs in the Flemington-Raritan Regional School District enrich our students’ lives,” superintendent Kari McGann said in a release. “The well-rounded education that students receive while attending our schools includes a music education program that brings joy, heart and soul into our students’ education. Our esteemed music teachers support many kinds of learning from language skills, processing, math skills, teamwork, communication, creativity and other skills that are necessary to be successful in college and career in the 21st century.”

The music teachers in the district are Kristin Hill, Barley Sheaf School and Reading-Fleming Intermediate School; Dawn Golding, Copper Hill School; Cassandra Kiesling, Francis A. Desmares School; Karin Alexanderson, Robert Hunter School; Thomas Amoriello, Aileen Marsh, Audrey Spies and Susan Sullivan, Reading-Fleming Intermediate School; and Heather Faherty, Rose Nagy, Daniel Schultz and Dave Thomas, J.P. Case Middle School.

The award designation is give to districts that demonstrate outstanding achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to students. To qualify, the district answered detailed questions about funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, instruction time and more.