FLEMINGTON, NJ – A gathering of around 50 people were in front of the old Historic Courthouse yesterday, chanting slogans and attracting the attention of passersby.

Protestors here called the event a “Rally for Truth,” and was organized by Indivisible Lambertville/New Hope, Progressive Hunterdon Democrats, Indivisible Garden State Values, Tewksbury Area Indivisible and NJ7 Forward.

Participants want Rep. Leonard Lance to call for an independent investigation into Trump’s connections and dealings with Russia.

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The commotion also attracted a few Trump supporters, who voiced their support from across the street from the event organizers.

At the same time, protestors gathered outside Lance’s office in Westfield.

“We are outraged that Leonard Lance hasn’t made a statement, hasn’t asked for a special prosecutor, hasn’t asked for a bipartisan independent commission to investigate Trump ties,” protest co-organizer Marci Bandelli said. “He’s been fairly silent and now, with the situation yesterday, there’s nothing. Crickets. This man does not represent his constituents.”

Following protests here in February, Lance was one of 20 Republicans to vote “no” on the May 4 vote for the American Health Care Act, which passed in the House of Representatives but faces approval by the Senate.

Yesterday evening, Lance stated in an email that “I take Lt. General McMaster at his word when he says ‘at no time, were intelligence sources or methods discussed and the President did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known.’

However, Lance wants McMaster, the CIA director, Secretary of State and Deputy National Security Adviser to brief Congress on the issue immediately.

“Lawmakers deserve a fuller accounting of what was divulged in the Oval Office conversations with Russian diplomats,” he said. “Now more than ever it is essential that the two bipartisan congressional investigations and the U.S. Department of Justice investigation move forward and that the Administration cooperates fully in their efforts.”