On behalf of the TAPinto, best wishes for a happy and safe 4th of July for you and your family. 

TAPinto celebrates the freedom and liberty of our wonderful nation. We recognize our courageous past and are confident that our best days are still ahead of us. Amongst our strongest ideals upon which America is founded, is the right of freedom of speech, and the First Amendment. 

TAPinto is proud of our staff of reporters, and all those in the community who join us every day in reading about the important issues and happenings in Hunterdon County.  Each is an important partner in recognizing every day the spirit that has made and continues to make, our community and America wonderful places to flourish. 

TAPinto expresses our support to those patriots in the military who serve our country to preserve our liberties. We honor our veterans, as we celebrate our freedoms they fought so bravely for to defend.

Best wishes for a safe holiday, 

Joey Novick, Publisher

Audrey Blumberg, Managing Editor

TAPinto Flemington