HILLSBOROUGH, NJ  - Abnormally wet and cool conditions for this time of year are being blamed for a large hatch of house flies.

Over the past two weeks, the Hillsborough Health Department has responded to complaints from residents regarding periods of unusually large numbers of house fly populations causing nuisances in several neighborhoods throughout the township.

The Health Department is working closely with the Somerset County Agricultural Extension Service and Rutgers University entomologists to determine the source of the problem. Other towns in the County are experiencing this issue as well.

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Officials say the situation is temporary.

There are a number of control measures that a homeowner may take to reduce the numbers of flies.

Keep garbage cans covered tightly to remove food for the flies; make sure all windows have properly fitting screens to keep flies out; use sticky fly spaper inside and commercial fly traps outside to reduce populations; .sometimes a fan placed strategically can keep flies from getting into the home. Cleaning up dog droppings regularly, and turning compost piles is important to reducing fly populations.

Call the Somerset County Agricultural Extension Service for guidance at 908-526-6293,