FLEMINGTON, NJ – President Trump continued his focus on immigration today, tweeting this morning that Congress should act to change Obama-era laws.

“Our Border Laws are very weak,” Trump said on Twitter. “The Democrats stand in our way – they want people to pour into our country un-checked...CRIME!”

And on immigration, Trump has an ally in Hunterdon County Sheriff Fred Brown.

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In a press release issued yesterday, Brown called on Congress “to take action on securing America’s border and other matters against illegal immigration.”

In the statement, Brown said he supported a National Sheriff’s Association effort “to push Congress to take action on securing America’s border and other matters against illegal immigration.”

Over the past few months, the National Sheriff’s Association, led by a Massachusetts sheriff. has been reaching out to other sheriffs to discuss border security, illegal immigration and sanctuary policies.

That led to a letter signed by 380 sheriffs that was delivered to every member of Congress.

The letter states “ Congress must act to pass legislation to secure our borders through enforcing immigration laws, tightening border security, support the replacement and upgrades to current barriers and fencing and construction of barriers along the U.S. and Mexico international boundary.”

“We’re calling on Congress to take action now,” the letter states.

Sheriff Brown said he and his associates have always supported lawful immigration and recognizes that “this great country has been built by good hard working waves of immigrants. It has succeeded and progressed through their efforts but we cannot allow the problem of MS-13 and other criminal gangs that operate back and forth across our borders to become worse.”

Brown’s statement said, “Sheriffs across this country have signed this letter because Congress, through its inaction, cannot continue to weaken our efforts to make our communities as safe as possible."

The National Sheriff’s Association asks the public to contact their representatives in Congress to recommend it vote and pass Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s proposed “Securing America’s Future Act”  (HR 4760) which it says would increase border security and support partnerships between local, state and federal law enforcement.

The bill has been approved by the House Judiciary Committee and awaits consideration from the full House.