To the Editor:

It is reassuring to see how leaders at Hunterdon Central Regional High School are addressing the recent racially charged incidents, both nationally and locally.

Unfortunately, our media has been complicit with Leftist groups in fomenting racial divisions in our country.  A result of this is our youth joining in with rioters to unwittingly burn down neighborhoods and businesses of minorities, or kids performing racist acts.

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The United States is a country where more people of different ethnicities and religions are free and able to prosper than any other country in history.  Evidence of this is that people from around the world want to immigrate to the US in staggering numbers.

Also, prior to the upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the booming US economy was enabling people of all races and religions to take part in the American dream and were coming together as one.

Over the last 4 years, President Trump’s actions have done more for minorities than any President in modern history – lowest unemployment numbers for blacks, Hispanics and other minorities, unprecedented funding for historically black colleges, the First Step Act which releases black prisoners who have received unfair sentences, opportunity zones to lift up minority neighborhoods and the Platinum Plan which brings economic empowerment to blacks.

If the media reported fairly on all of these accomplishments and the fact that our country is a beacon of hope for all, there would be far less misunderstanding among Americans, and there would be no room for lies about racism to gain a foothold.

As part of the effort to address the issues of race, equity and diversity, I would recommend involving organizations like Turning Point USA and Young America’s Foundation to gain a national perspective from America’s youth.

I join many others in hoping that the initiative being put forth by HCRHS officials will be a positive step in telling the truth and allowing all of our students to acquire an education free of the biases of those who wish to divide us.


John Denlinger

Raritan Township