To the editor:

Thirty years ago in November 1985, on a handshake at 43 Pennsylvania Ave., my wife and I purchased Kries Jeweler from Bill and Connie Kries.  We put our entire savings into our business located at 48 Main St.  In 2004, we had the opportunity to buy and own the building at 48 Main St. Business at that time was great!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would own my own building.  My father and Mr. Kries would have been proud.

Today the business climate has changed just as our town has changed. The foot traffic in town is not what it used to be. Businesses are struggling to survive. In order to be successful in business we need to adapt and be supportive of changes that will move us forward.   

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As a vested business owner, I am very involved with the town of Flemington, my second home, believing you get back what you put in. I am a past president of the Flemington-Raritan Business Association, Vice President of the Car Shows for more than 13 years, a volunteer for Partnership for Progress and a Business Improvement District board member.

I’m looking forward to all the many changes that are coming to Flemington, but these changes will not have a lasting effect if they are not supported and promoted by Borough Council, the businesses and the residents. The Cust family have gone above and beyond trying to please all and there still remains an air of negativity for the Courthouse Square project they are looking to develop.

We need to all come together to help see this project come to fruition. It will benefit not only businesses in town, but it will help to create the vibrant town we all can be proud of. Flemington will have a new energy that will attract visitors and investors from near and far.

Flemington, thank you for the last 32 years. I am looking forward to many more years to come.

Jerry Jaremenko, Flemington