Javier A. Hernández: Local polyglot accepted by the HYPIA


Javier A. Hernández, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and resident of the Flemington/Raritan area, has been accepted by the International Association of Hyperpolyglots (HYPIA), which honors all those who manage to speak fluently six or more languages. Undoubtedly, the ability to speak fluently more than six languages ​​is a skill that very few people like Javier Hernández possess. Its acceptance must be a source of joy and happiness for his family and community, since Javier is one of the few people in the United States and the world to be certified as a hyperpolyglot.

Javier, who is also the author of the book The Basic Primer of Taíno-Borikenaiki, holds the knowledge of mastering the following languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese Italian, and conversational skills in Burmese, Interlingua, German, and Chinese Mandarin. In addition, Javier reading proficiency many more languages, such as Latin, Catalan, Corsican, Sicilian, Sardinian, Austrian, Occitan, Chabacano, and Papiamento, among others. Javier also reconstructed and is helping to revitalize the Taino language in Puerto Rico, an indigenous language of the Caribbean.  

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His beginnings in the passion for the art of languages began thanks to the encouragement of his grandfather, Tomas Hernández, who already mastered English, Spanish and German. From an early age, Javier was able to master two languages: Spanish and English. In time, his passion and ability to learn different languages ​​was further enhanced, obtaining postgraduate degrees in communication and linguistic education.

Thus, Javier A. Hernández says that the greatest pleasure of having a multi-linguistic profession and skills is that he can communicate with many people worldwide, and not only because he travels frequently, but in turn supports his work in the field of foreign affairs and international security.

The message that Javier wants to convey to young and not so young people who are interested in entering this world of languages ​​is that, "knowing several languages ​​offers many personal and professional opportunities. Language unites you to the world. From meeting people from many countries to working with colleagues on all continents, knowing several languages ​​will make you an invaluable asset of any organization and project. Learning languages ​​will make you a citizen of the world, and a connector of several people and cultures, something not everyone can do. Languages ​​will also open doors to a world of culture, music, ideas and literature that would otherwise be denied to you."

The possibilities offered by language learning are many.